May celebrations!

It may still be cool and breezy, but the flowers are blooming and summer’s on the way. There are a lot of celebrations this month. For example, Mother’s day is coming up, and my colleague Karen has a great post about that below. But did you know about some of the other May celebrations and holidays? Have a quiz! In May, we celebrate:

A. National Hamburger month

B. National Wildflower month

C. National Blueberry Month

D. National Salad Month

E. National Barbecue Month

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It’s Nearly Mother’s Day!

And do we have books (and DVDs and CD Audiobooks) about mothers! Mothers of all varieties; working mothers, stay at home mothers, divorced mothers, single mothers, teenage mothers, surrogate mothers, foster mothers, and even mothers of presidents.  And as many books on mothers and daughters or mothers and sons as you could think to read (or view or listen to).

Recent books about mothers and daughters include Lisa Scottoline’s humorous Does This Beach Make Me Look Fat?, Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni’s beautiful generational novel, Before We Visit the Goddess,  Amy Gentry’s psychologically suspenseful Good as Gone, or Kimberly Williams Paisley’s heartrending biography, Losing My Mother Only to Find Her Again.

Good choices in the mothers and sons subject area include The Nix, Nathan Hale’s recent bestseller about family secrets and self-realization, Anderson Cooper’s The Rainbow Comes and Goes : a Mother and Son on Life, Love, and Loss, the fascinating collection of correspondence between Cooper and his mother, the celebrated Gloria Vanderbilt or Lisa Scottoline’s psychological thriller, One Perfect Lie. Continue reading “It’s Nearly Mother’s Day!”

God Save the Queen!

 Queen Elizabeth brithday

Yes, this lady turns 90 today! To celebrate, grab some British snacks like jammy dodgers or digestives and enjoy some great British drama. Here are a few ideas:

the queen

This wonderful biodrama starring Helen Mirren examines Queen Elizabeth at a difficult time in her life, as her family struggles with the loss of Princess Diana.

King's Speech

“The King’s Speech” turns to Queen Elizabeth’s childhood, when her father, King George VI, learned to lead and inspire his people. Continue reading “God Save the Queen!”

Space Archaeologist: Using technology to unearth the treasures of the past.

Not only Librarianship is benefiting from technological advances!

Information can now be gathered from satellite imaging to find historical artifacts buried below the surface of the earth. Listen to the NPR podcast here and listen to the TED talk as well to learn more about how this profession has set their sites UP to find the treasures BELOW!

More than a Tweet

If you’d like to know what Donald Trump is like when he’s serious, and you want to decide for yourself if the facts are “alternate,” forget tweets and the media.  Get the primary documents. Find out what he says in his official mode, compare him to past presidents, read what the justice department has to say, and investigate his campaign promises vs actions.


Executive Orders and Other Presidential documents

You want the Federal Register.  That’s our nation’s news on all things government.  This is the actual words that they use, not digested by the media, or twisted by spin doctors.

If you want the most current, go here: Federal Register .

If you want a subject index by President, go here: National Archives It will give you something like this for our current world leader:

Subject Index for Donald J. Trump – 2017-Present 

  • Defense, national; Border security and immigration law enforcement; procedures to strengthen; EO 13767
  • Infrastructure; Expediting environmental reviews and approvals for high priority projects; EO 13766
  • Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act; Minimizing the economic burden pending repeal: EO 13765

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Campaign Promises, Speeches, Popularity, Platforms, etc…presidents

The American Presidency Project This is a record of statements and promises made, financing info, bills passed, speeches, political platforms, press releases, etc. etc.  Some information goes as far back as George Washington, and some is as current as Donald Trump.  You may want to look at the videos of some of the articulate speakers on youtube videos found here.

Is that Legal?

The The Justice Department ,, is the place to find out about the investigation into wire tapping, as well as the legality of an executive order that bans refugees from certain countries, and will tell you the truth about reported terrorist activity.