The Land of Saints and Scholars-

And poets, and harpers, and fiddlers, and dancers, and moviemakers, and–


Vampires? Yes, vampires! Did you know that Bram Stoker, author of Dracula, was Irish? You can find his book on display at the library. And that’s not all! Here are a few more Irish classics to celebrate with. Continue reading “The Land of Saints and Scholars-“


Erin go Bragh!

Come on in to the North White Plains branch and enjoy our little bit of Irish in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day this month.  Check out a Lucky Shamrock book, movie or CD for a chance to win one of the two green plants or guess how many (chocolate) coins are in our Lucky Green hat for a chance to win them all!  We look forward to seeing you soon and a very Happy St. Patrick’s Day to one and all.


Big Little Lies – Who’s Watching?

big-littel-liesBig Little Lies premiered as a TV series last week on HBO. With its all star cast and its crazy mad beach houses, it looks promising.  The setting has been moved from Liane Moriarty’s fictitious Pirriwee Beach just outside of Sydney, Australia to the fictitious Otter Bay in beautiful Monterey, California.  The scenery alone should be worth the price of admission!

There is a ton of angst to work with in any Moriarty novel; Angst could be her middle name.  But she does it SO well!  If you haven’t read, or better yet listened to Caroline Lee read, any of her books, grab one and get busy! Her books are probably longer than they have to be, but, in my humble opinion, I wouldn’t forfeit a word.  She takes on really tough subjects and puts them in the hands of the everyday people who are grappling with them, adding a touch of mystery, a wry sense of humor, and a cast of characters you can’t help but identify with.  We have her books and her books in audio form at Armonk – I just finished listening to Truly, Madly, Guilty. Loved it!  Come on in and check one out.  And let me know what you think of the TV series!


Tax Filing for Le$$ or Free

It’s that time of year where you keep hearing that Ben Franklin quote about  the two certainties in life: Death and Taxes.  But if you’re not so certain, here’s where you can get some help.

  1. Earn less than $64,000? Go to the IRS!  They will ask you a few easy questions, then hook you up with software for both state and federal returns. The less you make, the more options you have (now that’s a first!)
  2. Earn more than $64,000, Go to the IRS! You won’t get any help with state taxes, but there are free forms to be printed out, and there is help with the math and gives limited guidance.
  3. The Armonk Branch of the Library has forms (a lot of them, but not all), and North White has some forms too. It saves you from printing!

Town of North Castle Big Read!

Hi, everyone! I have a couple of special events to tell you about. They include:

  1. Cute puppies! Come to the North White Plains branch at 3:00 on March 2, or to the North Castle Branch at 5:00 the same day, to meet these very special dogs: thumbnail
  2. Food! On Thursday, May 4, we’ll have a discussion with Greek snacks.
  3. And, of course, books. In particular, this book:my-family-and-other-animalsIn 1935, 10-year-old Gerry Durrell ends up living on Corfu along with his eccentric family. To find out more about the book and our Big Read, click on the image!

Mary Johnson


The Diary by Eileen Goudge

Review by Anne Beier

A Perfect Valentines Day Mystery Novel

Elizabeth Marshall  was a quintessential, mid-western, 1950’s, wife and mother. She married a wonderful man  who was madly in love with her, as well as an upstanding citizen of their community, deacon at their church, hard worker, and loving father. Their grown daughters, Sarah and Emily always thought their parents had a storybook marriage, until they discover their mother’s diary, while cleaning out the attic of their childhood home, before it goes on the market.

Who is A.J.?  He was a dynamic, magnetic man with and engaging and endearing sense of humor. Their mother’s unrequited love for him is a shock.  Inspired by a true story, the sisters discover, so much about this incredible man,  who was a major love interest in their mother’s life. Or was he?

Both of their parents were only children, and with no one to ask, they are compelled to find out the truth, which adds to the mysterious yet satisfying conclusion. This is page-turner, with many twists and turns. The reader will uncover a charming and surprising story, as they take an uphill journey with Sarah and Emily.