Jan 14- Sunday afternoon at the movies!

Join us at 1 pm in Whipoorwill Hall for a free screening of the classic musical THE BAND WAGON!!!!

A must see for everyone, THE BAND WAGON is consistently rated one of the top 50 films of American cinema! With lush color, memorable songs that are part of the Great American Songbook, gorgeous dancing by Fred Astaire & Cyd Charisse, this funny film is a hot way to spend to a cold afternoon.


Of Snow & Art forgery: read & watch


I hope you were all staying warm this snowy Thursday, and then if you are out shoveling snow you go easy listen to your body and don’t over exert yourself.

 That said, whether you need something to do as your recover in between rounds of shoveling or if you’re not going out at all and are just staying in and reading and watching some telly, consider watching an episode of LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT (season 1, episode 2 -ART) about art forgery, the art market, & art verification, top name sales to small museums at prices to good to be true… all subjects we’ve discussed in the past few semesters. 

So if you want a guilty pleasure that combines your knowledge of forgers Beltracchi, Ken Perenyi and Mark Landis with various forms of art authentication using paint analysis from my Wednesday night art classes, and news stories about Helly Nahmad galleries (art market collision law suits & legal disputes over ownership of art collections stolen from Holocaust victims) and Steve Martin’s bargain basement Campendonk art forgery, this is your episode. You can also catch it in Hulu & Netflix.

For more on this topic, check out my post Snowy Guilty Pleasures at ProfValFranco.Wordpress.comBeltracchi was the major inspiration for this episode so of course, it’s always interesting to to go back to the source & watch the Beltracchi documentary if forgeries fascinate you. 

In addition, there are some great books you can take out from the library, including Caveat Emptor by Ken Perenyi, a guest speaker at my Wednesday Art class a year or so ago.

Hopefully no one loses power or has an snow related problems.

Remember : This Friday’s January 5th free screening of one of the best musicals of the 20th Century, THE BAND WAGON has been rescheduled due to safety concerns regarding the extreme weather & frigid temperatures.

The film will screen Sunday, January 14, at 1 PM in the Event Room st the Library. We hope to see you there.

 Have a wonderful snow day.

Happy Birthday, J.R.R. Tolkien!


Yes, it’s true! The man voted “Author of the Century” in several polls would be 126 if he were alive today. He was born on January 3, 1892. Of course, the library has both his books and the films based on them. We also have books by authors who influenced him, and whom he influenced. Here are just a few of them:

Tales before Tolkein

Here are some stories published before Tolkien’s books. He may well have read some of these as a child or young man.


Tolkien read and admired this seminal work of science fiction. So did modern master Ursula Le Guin.

other wind

An adult book that completes Le Guin’s famous “Earthsea” series, originally written for young adults. Le Guin admires Tolkien and has commented on his work. Her series, like his, is considered a fantasy classic.


Speaking of fantasy classics, who can forget George R.R. Martin? The seventh season of the HBO series is now available to borrow!

Happy 126th birthday, Professor Tolkien! If you’re a fantasy fan, you can celebrate by reading or watching a fantasy that’s new to you.

Women in Science Fiction

Did you know a young woman founded the genre of SF? Yes, it’s true! Click on her picture below to find out who she is and the book she wrote.  🙂

Mary Shelley

To celebrate the new Star Wars movie and the late great Carrie Fisher, let’s take a brief look at women in science fiction. Here are just a few titles, both classic and modern, by or about women.

Continue reading “Women in Science Fiction”

Beyond Google: Info for a Healthier YOU in 2018

Our web page for Health Resources  has some new, updated information.  sick man in bedAlthough Google may be your first place to look for health information, this post highlights 5 high quality resources that are pre-filtered by experts so you can save time and get better health information.  Take a look at one, two, or all!  We welcome your feedback!

MedlinePlus is a resource designed by experts at the National Library of Medicine for consumers like you…really everyone!  It is written in simple language (and multiple languages) providing Health topics, a medical encyclopedia, drugs and supplement information, with links to external associations and support groups.  Results include: summaries, documents, images and videos.

Clinicaltrials.gov  is a database of privately and publicly-funded clinical studies throughout the world.  It enables you to locate clinical trials looking for volunteers…although one should always talk to your health care provider first!  This source enables you to search conditions and diseases, limit to county, state, and find overviews and results of studies.  Congress has mandated all clinical trial studies be registered; the World Health Organization (WHO) supports this, too!

Health Reference Center Academic  is a fantastic resource for all kinds of health information, linking to full articles as well as summaries of a broad range of information.  This is not a new resource but may be new to you!

Merck Manuals.  This is every nurse or mother’s basic handbook for diagnosis and therapy.  You can choose to read the “patient” or consumer version or the “professional” or provider one.  The Merck manual of veterinary information is also linked thanks to our WLS.  So, much information about animals!

NIH Health Information offers a huge array of research, clinical and public health information.  NIH offers health information highlights, wellness toolkits, and a Healthfinder option to locate a doctor or dentist or to provide information about these providers.

Any interest in an individual or group session, contact the Armonk reference desk at:  (914) 273 3887 or Armref@wlsmail.org.   health man holding apples


Thankful for Music, Comedy, and Ability to Access Albums From the World Wide?

Having trouble accessing your happy place? We’ve got you covered. Go to our homepage, click on the Music tab, go down to Freegal, put in your library card number and password (usually the last 4 digits of your phone number), and find the right album to turn your mood around.  Listen to an album of comedy, or choose from countries accross the globe. Particularly, on Thanksgiving, you’ll want to download their Thanksgiving playlist so you’ve got some happy tunes in the kitchen.

Are you alone this Thanksgiving? Or do you have a family that doesn’t appreciate Football? In that case, enjoy a free concert of your favorite artist, right from home. Go to the same place where you found Freegal, and just below it you’ll see Quello. It’s a wonderful way to see a concert! Connect your computer to your T.V. and you’re all set!

Call the Reference Desk if you have any questions.





North Castle library card holders are fortunate to have access to a great number of magazines, and are able to quickly zoom in on what they want.  We may do this in two ways, right from our homepage. Just go to the right hand column, under E-magazines and Newspapers, scroll down to 1) Flipster; and 2) Pressreader.  Both of these methods give you the ability to page through the magazines. Pressreader gives you the ability to search through a number of local news sources, keyword search, or browse.

Let us know what you think of it!