Provenance : Author talk tonight at 7 pm : Exploring Art’s Great Con Artists

Some books look at art as a luxury, others look at art from an historical perspective and still others look at art from the down and dirty criminal side. Laney Salisbery’s book PROVENANCE, looks art & the art world from all these different angles as she explores one of the greatest and most elaborate cons ever perpetrated in the art world by con artist John Drewe & forget John Myatt.

Tonight, May 16, I will interview journalist and author Laney Salisbury on her novel, PROVENANCE, and the brilliant but twisted mind of international con artist John Drewe. Join us for a galvanizing talk as we look at this intriguing criminal, and the passionate art experts around the globe who had the tenacity to challenge the art market & bring him down. Free & open to the public.

10 Study Skills That Lead to Success

I wish I could say I wrote this.  I wish I could say I followed this.  Here’s where it came from :

teen guideMuchnick, Justin Ross. “Planning Your Education While in High School.” Teens’ Guide to College & Career Planning: Your High School Roadmap to College & Career Success, 12th ed., Peterson’s, 2016, pp. 49-63. Gale Virtual Reference Library,


  1. SET A REGULAR STUDY SCHEDULE. In college, you are solely responsible for remembering to do your homework. Develop the study patterns in high school that will lead to success in college. Anyone who has ever pulled an all-nighter knows how difficult it is to function at a high level in school the next day.
  2. SAVE EVERYTHING. Develop an organized system for storing your papers. Stay on top of your materials, and be sure to save quizzes and tests. It is amazing how questions from a test you took earlier in the year can miraculously reappear on your final exam.
  3. LISTEN. Teachers give away what will be on the test by repeating themselves. If you pay attention to what the teacher is saying, you will probably notice what is being emphasized. If what the teacher says in class repeats itself in your notes and in review sessions, chances are that material will be on the test. So really listen.
  4. TAKE NOTES. If the teacher has taken the time to prepare a lecture, then what he or she says is important enough for you to write down. Develop a system for reviewing your notes. After each class, rewrite them, review them, or reread them. Try highlighting the important points or making notes in the margins to jog your memory.
  5. SET UP A DISTRATION-FREE STUDY SPACE. Now more than ever, a teen’s life is full of distractions. Unfortunately, if you allow yourself to be distracted while studying, chances are you will perform poorly at school. It’s critical that you study and do your homework in a well-lit, distraction-free space. That means no phones, TVs, loud music, or social networking, to name a few common distractions.
  6. CREATE YOUR OWN “REWARD SYSTEM.” Studying is hard work, and it’s even harder when it seems like one endless, mundane task. Make your study experience more enjoyable by giving yourself small rewards after completing smaller chunks of your homework. For example, treat yourself to a handful of M&Ms after you knock off your history homework, or give yourself a short break to go for a jog after finishing your English essay.
  7. DO YOUR HARDEST HOMEWORK FIRST. If you put off your most dreaded, difficult subject of homework until the end of the night, you will be mentally drained by the time you start it. Even though it’s tough to confront your most challenging homework at the very beginning of your study time, you will feel so much better after you finish that subject. You can even use this to gain some positive momentum and feel good as you start the rest if your homework, instead of having a real challenge hanging over your head for the whole evening.
  8. MANAGE YOUR TIME WISELY. Devise a system that works for you to note your short- and long-term assignments, projects, and tests. An old-fashioned paper study planner still works wonders for your time management skills! Be sure to write everything down in this notebook even if your teachers post your assignment online. Having your week planned out all in one place can help you find openings in your schedule and be more productive.

Library Account Access from Home


It’s Easy!

Go to

In the upper right hand corner, double left click on “My Account”

Input your library Card number, and pin.

If you don’t sign on to your account, you can still search the catalog.  Signing in gives you more control over your account.  You can renew, place holds, change your personal information and preferences, and pay fines.


Top 10 Business Databases

Hey Business owners, we have free databases that will help you manage your business! Find customers, perform company, market and industry research wisely, train and manage employees, monitor business news and events, and develop your international business. Our top 10 Databases that mean Business are listed here.

1) reference-usa

Find your individual or business clients in the US by home value, sales volume, geographical descriptions, and more. Map out your target area by drawing lines on a map or radius of miles from your home.  Gather them by industry code numbers, custom picked by you.  Identify the key players of a target business.

2) business-insights-essntials

Competitive intelligence and due diligence starts at Business Insights Essentials– with financials, history, news, products, market share reports, as well as industry reports and company histories.  Information on private companies as well.

3) morningstar

Use Morningstar to create screens for funds, stocks, and ETFs, use the financial reports to analyze them.  Compare them.  See their ranking.  See how indexes, sectors, and styles perform.  Get today’s relevant investment news and information (updated several times a day) via type and video.  Get investment advice, and read their most popular newsletters.  There’s enough information to satisfy expert trader and newbie alike.

4) skillsoft

Wondering how to hire and fire?  Motivate?  Or just get up to speed with the best software programs for your business?  Generally, Skillport  can teach the skills necessary for day to day internal workings.

5) lynda-com  differentiates herself with IT classes, helping you with the latest in audio and visual, as well as print media. will help you more with the outside world- advertising and marketing with Social media, for instance.  Check it out!

6) global-road-warrior

If your ambitions reach across the ocean, but your country knowledge is limited, then use Global Road Warrior to learn what immunizations you need before you go, what terrorist warnings, what is considered an appropriate gift, as well as basic tourist information found in a travel guide.

7) rosetta-stone

Once you get to the 178 countries covered by Global Road Warrior, you may want to say something other than “What time is it?” “Please” and “Thank You”.  If you decide to do business in a foreign country, learn what your clients are saying.  Use Rosetta Stone.

8) new-york-times

Once you get the key players from Reference USA, research them, or their companies, or the industry, in our many news sources, including The New York Times.

9) flipster

Flip through business magazines virtually, just like a real magazine, with Flipster.  Check out the magazines by topic, and choose Business, to pick the magazines that will help you most.


It would be a huge mistake to overlook the book catalog.  Don’t have time to read?  Download an audiobook via Overdrive?  Want it on your kindle, check out the non-fiction collection on Total BooX.

Come to the library for more help for your business!








You can’t judge a book by its digital platform

So you have decided to make the plunge into the e-book realm…So many digital platforms! So many electronic books! What’s a person suppose to do these days to find a book to read? How do you get started?

North Castle Public Library has posted links to 4 major platforms that you can choose from, but not all offer the same material. I will try to explain the major differences between the sites we have posted to help you find your next e-book

overdrive logoOverdrive Media Platform : Overdrive has been with Westchester Library System for the quite some time. This platform offers NY Times best sellers and most popular authors in both Mp3 (audio) and e-book. Once an app is installed on your device you can access the catalog directly from your phone, or tablet. It offers formats for Kindle as well as Nook, however additional apps would need to be installed on your device so the material can be opened. Kindle has its own app, nook reader as well. Books remain on your device for 14 days from download. Holds can be placed online and when title is available you will be notified by email. There are no late-fees or penalties as the book “expires” making it unable to open until you either download another license, or delete the image off your device. No worries about shelf space filling up!

  Total BooX Offered through the Westchester Library System, and linked from our website This platform is a GREAT resource for non-fiction / technical books. Marketing, management, professional books as well as Travel books like Fodor’s, Frommers, Lonely Planet and others. Once the book is checked out it goes onto your chosen “shelf” and will stay there until you delete it. No expiration, no returns no fees. If you decide that you do not want it on your shelf any longer, just delete it. This is also an app driven platform, e-books only, no audio at this point

3m Cloud Library: Offered through 9 of the 39 Westchester Libraries at this point. This is a cloud based app-driven platform which is new to the 9 of us. Catalog of NY Times bestsellers is growing by the month and some libraries are starting to purchase audio books as well as. Easy to use and available cross device you never need to worry about not having access to your book, as long as there is wifi to download / stream. Books are borrowed for two weeks, holds will remain available for three days after notification. No fines or fees, book will disappear off your device at the end of the loan period.

one click digitalOne Click Digital: Available through the Westchester Library System . App driven platform that is great for a variety of titles that are more obscure as well as older best selling titles. Favorites that are hard to find may be accessed through this platform. Both Audio as well as e-books are available to download. Developed by Recorded books this is great place to check for some older treasures that may be ready for a re-read!  And like all other platforms,two week loan period , no fees or fines.

This is the link to Westchester Library System’s Listen, Read & Watch tab. One worth mentioning, while you are there check out an out of print and out of copyright classics found in The Gutenberg Collection. One can find texts written in other languages as well.



Edie Martimucci is the Director of Adult Services at the North Castle Public Library. She loves hiking, reading, gardening and knitting, not necessarily in that order, it all depends on the weather.