Hoopla for travel!

Today, I got asked a really smart question. “I know I can watch streaming movies from the library,” a patron said. “But can I download a movie to my phone or iPad so I can watch it on the plane?”

Yes, you can! Here’s how:


If you don’t already have it, just go to your app store and download hoopla for your device. It looks like this. Once it’s downloaded, open it.

At this point, you can sign up with your library card and PIN and choose your own username and password.

Once you’re in, you can start looking for movies and TV shows.

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Happy Birthday, Madeleine!

This American author was born 100 years ago today. She is, of course, most famous for this,

wrinkle book


Though modern audiences may be more familiar with this version of the story.

wrinkle movie

Whether you prefer the classic text or the updated movie, we have both in the library! Madeleine L’Engle famously struggled to get this challenging book before readers. It blends astrophysics, family story, and theology with a thrilling coming-of-age tale. And its young heroine was one of the first female protagonists in a science fiction novel.

A Wrinkle in Time was initially published for young adults 12 and up, and L’Engle is most famous for her works for children and teens. But she also wrote for adults. Here are a couple of books from her nonfiction “Crosswicks” series.

two-part invention

In Two-Part Invention: the Story of a Marriage, L’Engle details her life with actor Hugh Franklin, including their running a general store in a rural village in Connecticut and his struggle with cancer.

great grandmother

The Summer of the Great-Grandmother movingly depicts L’Engle’s mother’s battle with dementia. Here is the first paragraph:

This is the summer of the great-grandmother, more her summer than any other summer. This is the summer after her ninetieth birthday, the summer of the swift descent. (page 3, paperback edition)

L’Engle also wrote poetry, novels for adults, and essays. If you enjoy her work, you’ll find plenty to explore in the library system. Enjoy!

November Celebrations!

Okay, have another poll for the beginning of a new month

And the answer is–

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Indie Authors at the Library!

Once again, we’ll be celebrating Indie Author Day at the library! When? Tomorrow, Saturday, October 13! Here are the authors who will be visiting us:

  1. The Berliners! Susan Berliner and her husband have both written witty adventure stories. Here’s a little info about just one of their many books–click on the image to  find out more!bubbles
  2. K. Samuel Murray has a lot of experience he wants to share with his clients and their children. That’s why he wrote Bank Magic. Click on the book cover to go to his amazon page.

Bank Magic

3. Barbara Josselsohn’s debut novel was praised by Kirkus reviews, who said, ““In this engaging debut novel, Josselsohn delves into the anxieties and insecurities of modern womanhood as well as the whims of celebrity-obsessed culture.” If you’re a fan of contemporary realistic fiction, you should enjoy meeting her and hearing about her author’s journey. Click on the book cover to go to her author page.

last dreamer

Fiction, nonfiction, adult and children’s lit, humor, romance, dystopian thrillers–our talented authors have something for everyone! It all starts at 10:30, when you can share coffee and donut holes with the author. After that, you can stay for an author roundtable, creative writing workshops, book signings, and more! See you at the library!


Free Books You Can Keep

The North Castle Public Library offers tons of free goodies, from classes and concerts to streaming video. But did you know that we also offer e-books you never, ever, have to return?

It’s true! Of course, you can download and keep classics from Project Gutenberg. But we also offer these databases:

total boox

Total Boox is very easy to use and has current titles. It’s especially good for travel. Click on the picture to explore it!


Biblioboard is unique because it lets you borrow excellent micro-press and self-published books you might not be able to find any other way. As with  Total Boox,  you never have to place a hold, and there are never any fines


Finally, if you’re a North Castle patron, you can access the Gale Virtual Reference Library. Do you need to practice for a civil service exam? Or figure out what majors suit you best? Or learn about novelists, or study algebra or business leadership or more? This is your one-stop information source! You’ll need your North Castle library card to use the Virtual Reference Library from home. Just click on the image above to get started!

Questions, problems, or comments? Just give us a call (914-273-3887) or email us!


Aaar! It’s talk like a pirate day-

So you might want to come in to the library to get some great stories about pirates! I’m starting off with a new nonfiction title for adults.

desert and sea

Journalist Michael Scott Moore was held captive by Somali pirates for three years. This is his story. It has been widely praised for both style and substance.

And here’s an older book that will appeal to archaeologists as well as adventure and history fans:


Did you know the first pirates were English privateers during the age of Elizabeth I? It’s true! But, during the high age of piracy, there were privateers from France as well as Spain and England. Here’s the story of the discovery of a lost French pirate fleet.


We may remember pirates as cruel thieves, but, in the Americas, the society of pirates was actually surprisingly democratic. For example, pirate crews included Black sailors, they elected their leaders, and they attacked slave ships. Here’s another good history, this one focusing on the 18th century.


Finally, here’s a story for the whole family! This may be the best ever filming of the classic tale.



August Celebrations, and some great books!

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