Happy Father’s Day!

Yes, we’ve got some great books (and movies) about fathers and sons, and daughters, too. Here’s just a sample.  Enjoy!

Letters to father

Sister Maria Celeste corresponds with her father, Galileo Galilei. A unique introduction to a brilliant family.

Father's Soul

In 1953, Tenzing Norgay reached the summit of Mount Everest along with Sir Edmund Hillary. In 1996, his son, Jamling Tenzing Norgay, also climbed the mountain. Publisher’s Weekly says, “Norgay’s clever weaving of the parallel stories of his climb and his father’s enriches an already gripping tale.”  This is also the first modern tale of ascent from the indigenous people who revere the sacred mountain. Continue reading “Happy Father’s Day!”

It’s Hug your Cat Day!

Yes, really! Hug Your Cat Day is celebrated on June 4.

On Hug Your Cat Day, I am going to:Whether you can hug a cat or not, you can still celebrate with some great books and media from the library! Continue reading “It’s Hug your Cat Day!”

National Biographer’s day!

It’s national biographer’s day on May 16th! Here are some new biographies to celebrate.

1.”In 1964, Kathy McKeon was just nineteen years old and newly arrived from Ireland when she was hired as the personal assistant to former first lady Jackie Kennedy. The next thirteen years of her life were spent in Jackie’s service…” (from Amazon summary)  Soon to be available in the library!

Jackie's girl

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May celebrations!

It may still be cool and breezy, but the flowers are blooming and summer’s on the way. There are a lot of celebrations this month. For example, Mother’s day is coming up, and my colleague Karen has a great post about that below. But did you know about some of the other May celebrations and holidays? Have a quiz! In May, we celebrate:

A. National Hamburger month

B. National Wildflower month

C. National Blueberry Month

D. National Salad Month

E. National Barbecue Month

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God Save the Queen!

 Queen Elizabeth brithday

Yes, this lady turns 90 today! To celebrate, grab some British snacks like jammy dodgers or digestives and enjoy some great British drama. Here are a few ideas:

the queen

This wonderful biodrama starring Helen Mirren examines Queen Elizabeth at a difficult time in her life, as her family struggles with the loss of Princess Diana.

King's Speech

“The King’s Speech” turns to Queen Elizabeth’s childhood, when her father, King George VI, learned to lead and inspire his people. Continue reading “God Save the Queen!”