Indie Author Day!


If you love to read, love to write, or both, come to Indie Author Day at the North Castle Public Library this Saturday! We’ll be having three excellent authors visit us for readings, book signings, and conversations. They are:

Patricia Dunn, author of Rebels By Accident

Jimin Han, author of A Small Revolution

Diane Pomerantz, author of Lost in the Reflecting Pool

To find out more about these wonderful authors, just click on the images below!

rebels by accident        small revolution    Lost in the reflecting pool

Ms. Dunn and Ms. Han teach creative writing at Sarah Lawrence college, and they’ll be presenting two hands-on workshops at noon and at 1:00 p.m. All writers and aspiring writers will want to attend! Ms. Pomerantz will be doing a reading and a book signing, and you’ll have a chance to share coffee, donut holes, and conversation with all three authors.

Like all our library programs, Indie Author Day is totally free and open to the public. No registration is necessary, and writers of all ages are welcome. See you at the library!


Celebrate the freedom to read!

Let’s do another poll! Any guesses as to where this man might be standing?


The signposts might help a bit, but the pose will help more!

Wherever he is, this gentleman is clearly exercising his right to free speech! Libraries celebrate that every year, too. In fact, I think we celebrate that right every day.

Banned books week runs from September 24 to September 30 this year. Libraries everywhere will have special displays of books that have been banned or challenged. Why not celebrate your freedom to read by visiting your local library and borrowing a challenged book? Here are just a few that we have on the shelf in North Castle.

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Upcoming events at the library!

Hi, everyone! It’s fall, the weather is beautiful, and the leaves are starting to fly. Book leaves, that is! We’ve got several literary events coming up soon!

just write

First, our creative writing  club starts next week. Do you love to write, and are you looking for a warm, supportive group of fellow writers? Then this might be the group for you! We meet on Monday evenings at 6:30, every other week, starting on September 18. The group is open to writers of all ages from 16 on up and all writing levels.


My colleague Lisa is also leading an event!Booktoberfest

Click on the image to find out more about this popular reading club.

We have many more programs, too, from advanced beginner/intermediate bridge to meditation to healthy cleaning supplies! Click here to go to our calendar and find out about all we offer.

Solar Eclipse!

If we’re lucky and the weather permits, everyone in the U.S., as well as parts of Mexico, Canada, and Europe, will get to see a partial solar eclipse. The path of totality cuts right through the country, from landfall on the coast of Oregon in the morning till departure  on the coast of South Carolina in the early afternoon. If you’d like to know exactly when the partial eclipse will hit Armonk (or wherever you happen to be on the 21st!), this handy link will tell you.

Interactive eclipse map

Right here in Westchester, several libraries are hosting eclipse programs. Here’s a handy link provided by Cheryl Berent. It shows you how to make a pinhole camera so you can view the eclipse safely.

Pinhole Camera

Of course, you can also buy special glasses for eclipse viewing. Not all glasses for sale are safe. Here’s a link that can help you get safe ones.

Safe glasses: a link from NASA

Please note: not all libraries have eclipse glasses. Here is a list of those who do. The glasses are for those attending the eclipse events at those libraries; please call them to inquire or register.

The Rye free reading room

The Chappaqua Public Library

One last link from Cheryl; how to watch the eclipse online if you’re stuck inside!

Watching online

And, of course, we’ve got books and media for you to enjoy as well! A few are listed below the cut.

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It’s National Book Day!

Yes, really! There is such a thing. Click on the picture below to read a story about it. cropped-cropped-download-1.jpg

Of course, if you’re looking for something to read, whether fiction or nonfiction, brand-new or classic, we can help! We’ve got lots of books for readers of all ages, and e-books and audiobooks, too. Just browse through this blog for some suggestions. Try the tag “reading”, and you’ll find lots of books my colleagues and I enjoyed. I’m going to list just a couple of new ones here, too (you can find this first one in the system, and don’t forget all our wonderful e-book databases!)

every morning

By the author of the bestselling “A Man Called Ove”, this is the story of a grandfather, a son, a grandson, and a family’s struggle with Alzheimer’s. Touching and beautifully written.  Continue reading “It’s National Book Day!”

Out of This World!

Do you remember what anniversary it is? Of course you do, at least if you are a certain age. Some of us are old enough to remember being glued to our TVs more than 40 years ago, watching this.

Then on this same day 17 years later, we saw this.  So how better to celebrate the spirit of exploration than with some great books (and movies, of course!) about astronauts?


If you love optimistic, adventurous stories about survival, and you haven’t read this one, you’re in for a treat! We’ve got the movie, too.

Lost Moon

If you think astronauts couldn’t stay this cool under pressure, how about some real-life heroics? Lost Moon tells the story of Apollo 13 in the voice of astronaut Jim Lovell.

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