Books to Movies in 2019

books-being-made-movies-2019I posted Books to Movies 2018 in March last year so I feel like I’m ahead of the game this year although we are already half way through January!  There are at least 20 books slated to become movies this year according to the Popsugar article I am quoting here.

A Dog’s Way Home by W. Bruce Cameron is already in the theaters starring Ashley Judd, Jonah Hauer-King and Edward James Olmos.  I don’t know about the rest of the movie but the puppy is just adorable!  And apparently this movie will be followed up in May by another W. Bruce Cameron adaptation, A Dog’s Journey starring Dennis Quaid.

February 22nd will see the release of The Rhythm Section based on the book of the same name by Mark Burnell.  The thriller will star Blake Lively and Jude Law and involves a plane crash and a revenge mission!  Another thriller scheduled for release on March 1st is Chaos Walking based on the novel The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness, a young adult science fiction fantasy about a world inhabited only by men and they have  the ability to hear each other’s thoughts.  It sounds more like the stuff of comedy to me but the description is quite dark.

In late March things lighten up with the comedy/drama Where’d You Go Bernadette? the 2012 runaway bestseller by Maria Semple.  This one stars Cate Blanchett, Billy Crudup, and Kristen Wiig.  It pains me to say that I listened to this one on audio a few years back and I really – let’s go with – disliked it.  But that should not discourage you from reading it or seeing the movie.  I think it was a book I should have read rather than listened to.  Lots of family discord and it just seemed that every time I turned it on someone was yelling!  I hope the movie is a bit less contentious. Continue reading “Books to Movies in 2019”


The Great American Read

Great American ReadDid anyone watch the two hour premiere last Tuesday?  I caught it on Wednesday night on another local PBS station and I’m sure it will be on again over the summer.  What did you think?  I thought it was interesting; I liked the trivia about the authors and the books and I thought it was fun that celebrities and authors defended their favorite books and begged for votes.  I thought Meredith Viera was not as engaging as I had hoped she would be but she didn’t really have a chance to interact with anyone and it is hard to stand in an empty room and be dynamic!  (Full disclosure: I may have nodded out once or twice so I might have missed some of the fun.)

Correct me if I’m wrong but it seems that they are now going to give us the summer to do some reading and the remainder of the series will air in the fall with the wrap-up and the announcement of America’s Best-Loved Book taking place in October.

In the interest of research I requested access to the Facebook site – I had to answer two questions, agree to their terms, and wait to be approved – and it is a jumping place!  Lots of reader initiated questions and discussion, favorite books, not necessarily on the list, being bandied about, and a schedule of their “Book Club” discussion dates among other things.  The Facebook site is certainly dynamic!  A lot of the discussion is about how the 100 books were chosen and why on earth isn’t this book or that book on the list, especially when a book like THIS is.  IMHO, it is time to move past that question and deal with the list as it stands and move forward.  Hopefully, if the current program is successful there will be lists enough for everyone in the coming years.  So, if you haven’t already done so, go to PBS and The Great American Read, pick a book and start reading!  They could be asking us to do worse things!

The Great American Read

PBS wants America (the world?) to read.  They have developed an 8-part series, designed to explore and celebrate the power of reading which will be  told through the prism of America’s 100 most loved books (as chosen in a national survey).  The Great American Read will premiere on your local PBS station with a two hour segment on May 22nd followed by five weekly one hour programs.  The finale will reveal which book has been voted America’s best loved book.  Meredith Viera, the Energizer Bunny of the talk show host/anchor world, and 14 time Emmy Award winner, will host the series so it promises to be upbeat, positive, and fun.

The 100 most loved books were released this week and can be found here so you can get a jump on your reading.  I was happy to see that I have read 38 of them if you count War and Peace which I am currently slowly (SO slowly)  wading through!  I should also confess that I read quite a few of them longer ago than I would care to remember but I guess the point is that I read them and I remember that I read them – they had an impact on me.

Browse through the website once you have looked over the books – there is information about the series, how the books were chosen, a trailer, and more.  “The series is the centerpiece of an ambitious multi-platform digital, educational and community outreach campaign, designed to get the country reading and passionately talking about books.” (website)

The Great American Read!  Let’s do it!


Books to Movies in 2018

As part of my self-imposed challenge to read or re-read all of the Newbery Award winning books from 1922 forward, I re-read Madeline L’Engle’s A Wrinkle In Time a couple of years ago. (I actually listened to the audio CD version narrated by the incomparable Hope Davis and it was wonderful.)  I was excited to hear that a movie was in the works, and released in the theaters just last week!

I have since discovered that 2018 is a big year for book to movie releases.  Although we are somehow well into 2018 already, you still have time to read a number of great books  before the movies are are released.  Because we all know, the book is always better than the movie – or is that the other way around?  Well, whatever your perspective, you’d better get started with Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One which is due out in the theaters at the end of March.  This is another book that I recently listened to, read by Wil Wheaton, American actor and arch nemesis of Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory.  The plot is so far out of my comfort zone and yet I REALLY enjoyed it.  If you are still living in the 1980’s you will thoroughly enjoy it too but you don’t have to be an 80’s fan (I can’t say I am) to like the book.

Other movies due out this year include: Continue reading “Books to Movies in 2018”

Broaden Your Reading Horizons with the 2018 PopSugar Reading Challenge

Are you in a reading rut?  Is everything you pick up starting to sound the same?  Do you want to read more in 2018 but you’re having a hard time getting motivated?  Take a step – or forty or fifty steps – in and outside your comfort zone with the 2018 PopSugar Reading Challenge and discover genres you possibly didn’t even know existed as well as some you’ve long forgotten about.  There is something for everyone to be found in this challenge and lots of subjects you may never have considered before.

You can take the challenge on your own – just stick the list on your refrigerator and check the boxes as you go – or you can do the challenge in the company of a few thousand other people on Goodreads.  You can read 10 books or you can read all fifty books.  The point is to both read and challenge yourself.  Get out of your reading rut.

I did a similar challenge a few years ago and really enjoyed it.  I’m happy I stumbled across this one this year and I am good to go with it.  Stop by the reference desk at the library and let me know how you are doing and we can discuss, compare, or suggest book choices.

Enjoy the challenge!




A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles

I cannot stop singing the praises of this book.  Nor, it seems, can anyone else.  The novel met with wildly positive critical acclaim when it was released in 2016.  And a year later, the 158 copies of the print book owned by the Westchester Library System still has a hold list 269 people long.

No matter how compelling a book is, I can no longer read 462 page books in a reasonable time span – I only have time to read at night and I fall asleep two pages in.  You can see the dilemma.  So anything over 300 pages must be in an audio format.  I waited quite some time for the audio CD to become available and from the first sentence I was in love.  With the narrator, Nicholas Guy Smith, who has a voice like silky velvet, with the author, Amor Towles, who writes too beautifully to be of this world, and the story, which I thought could never work for a book that long but it did!

I am including links to the Washington Times review which tells you a bit about the plot, and an interesting Q & A with author, Amor Towles which is well worth the read but I urge you to find this book and read it, or better, listen to my new favorite narrator Nicholas read it to you.  I, meanwhile, am on the hunt for Towles first novel, Rules of Civility which I’m told is just as good, if not better, and, is also on hold everywhere in the system!  Darn!