Do You LOVE Our Programming?

Show your LOVElove heart of your library by going to the OUTDOOR ARMONK ART SHOW coming to town Sept 29-30!

In 1961, the Friends of the North Castle Public Library, including Charles Elson, Lucille Bruno and Jean West, decided to try an outdoor art exhibition as a way to raise funds for the library. With only a handful of artists showing their work on the lawn of the Armonk Methodist Church bordering Main Street, the Armonk Outdoor Art Show was born. The show soon outgrew the churchyard and was relocated to the parking lot in front of the library. read more

This is THE fundraising event that enables the library to bring the outstanding programming to our Library, but not everyone is aware of this. So if you get a chance, stop by the show, bring a friend (or two! Discount bookmarks available in the Library) Not only will you be helping to continue quality programs at the Library, but you may even find that perfect gift for an upcoming family occasion!

Come out and enjoy the weekend!  Share the LOVE of your Library!

    September 29 & 30, 2018
         Saturday & Sunday  10am–5pm
205 Business Park Dr., Armonk, NY     RAIN OR SHINE · NO DOGS Please

Got Vines?


IMG_8278Spring rains have brought out flowers, new growth on shrubs and all those invasive vines that ripple near and far over our plantings and beckon from trees like something out of a Tarzan movie.

I have a suggestion that will not only clear your property of these invasives, BUT it will:   1)solve your gift-giving dilemmas  2) fulfill your urge to craft  and 3) enable you to add greenery to your compost pile without worry of having the woody stems taking time to break down



Here is all you need to do:  1) Review your property and cut the invasive vine as far to the ground as possible, or pull it out completely if you are able.

2) Denude the leaves off the stem and add them to your compost pile or throw them back into the garden as mulch.


3) Start to twist the flexible stems around into a circle, an oval or whatever shape you desire to work with. At this point the vines are able to be manipulated to the point you can even weave them into a basket, but…that is another craft …

Twist as many stems around and intertwine them so they interlockIMG_8275. No clips or ties necessary.  Make sure that all leaves are removed, They may look pretty at the moment but this is a craft that is made to dry.

Use the thinner thread-like stems to “tie” or bind the uncooperative stems to conform to the shape. When all is to your liking, set it aside and let it dry! Decorate according to season, or occasion. It looks lovely as a plain undecorated rustic wreath !


Just a note of Caution: Make sure the vine is NOT poison ivy LEAVES OF THREE: Stay clear of ME 

Space Archaeologist: Using technology to unearth the treasures of the past.

Not only Librarianship is benefiting from technological advances!

Information can now be gathered from satellite imaging to find historical artifacts buried below the surface of the earth. Listen to the NPR podcast here and listen to the TED talk as well to learn more about how this profession has set their sites UP to find the treasures BELOW!

Gaming: The importance of play


Carsten Holler Turns Frieze Booth Into Children's Playground

NPR podcast this morning was all about how gaming and play in general is an important part of EVERYONE’S life Tune in an listen to what has to be said, it may change your mind about giving the stink-eye to the computer games.

Some books that deal with Gaming in the plot:penumbra

Mr. Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore :a wonderful mix of an old book store, savy computer characters and a wonderful cult-like group of devotees,



The Nix a popular title has an extensive sub plot of gaming and its place in people’s lives.

First Ladies: Their role over history


First Ladies have played an important role in the history of the United States.Recently,  NPR had an interesting interview on this topic : How will Melania  adjust to this new role?  How did previous first ladies adjust to their role?