Calling all Gardeners!


We have been holding programs this past season highlighting Gardening. If you would like to share your experiences, ask questions or just chat, feel free to post. If you need assistance with signing in, please call the reference desk 273-3887 x 3 and we will be happy to get you connected!

Happy Chatting!


Space Archaeologist: Using technology to unearth the treasures of the past.

Not only Librarianship is benefiting from technological advances!

Information can now be gathered from satellite imaging to find historical artifacts buried below the surface of the earth. Listen to the NPR podcast here and listen to the TED talk as well to learn more about how this profession has set their sites UP to find the treasures BELOW!

Gaming: The importance of play


Carsten Holler Turns Frieze Booth Into Children's Playground

NPR podcast this morning was all about how gaming and play in general is an important part of EVERYONE’S life Tune in an listen to what has to be said, it may change your mind about giving the stink-eye to the computer games.

Some books that deal with Gaming in the plot:penumbra

Mr. Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore :a wonderful mix of an old book store, savy computer characters and a wonderful cult-like group of devotees,



The Nix a popular title has an extensive sub plot of gaming and its place in people’s lives.

First Ladies: Their role over history


First Ladies have played an important role in the history of the United States.Recently,  NPR had an interesting interview on this topic : How will Melania  adjust to this new role?  How did previous first ladies adjust to their role?


If you keep moving, you’ll keep improving!


Creating and sticking to your exercise plan Make exercise fun – do things you enjoy. Get a friend to join you. Exercise early in the day. Start slow and know: three 10- minute periods throughout the day has the same benefit as 30 minutes of exercise at one time


North Castle Public Library will help you keep moving with a new year of programming to keep you in tune with your inner self! Alka Kaminer presents Mid-Day Meditation at 12:15 followed by Chair Yoga on Wednesdays 1:oo in Armonk. Chair Yoga comes to the North White Branch on Mondays at 12:30

Larry Attile presents Tai Chi as he has for the past 5 years Saturday Mornings 10:30AM

Starting on Januarymove-without-pain 14 Move Without Pain series presented by Dominique Daly will start at 2:00PM.

“Increasing your energy Regular, moderate physical activity can help reduce fatigue and even help you manage stress. Once you become active, you’re likely to have more energy than before. As you do more, you also may notice that you can do things more easily, faster, and for longer than before.”

*Remember to always check with your doctor before starting any new exercise regimen. Adapted from


Is This Real?

Pointers for raising a Red Flag on internet news

When surfing through the internet  especially when trying to unwind after a stressful day it is easy to be duped by false and incorrect information. This guide will be helpful as you read through articles to be wary or wise.