10 Study Skills That Lead to Success

I wish I could say I wrote this.  I wish I could say I followed this.  Here’s where it came from : Muchnick, Justin Ross. “Planning Your Education While in High School.” Teens’ Guide to College & Career Planning: Your High School Roadmap to College & Career Success, 12th ed., Peterson’s, 2016, pp. 49-63. Gale … Continue reading “10 Study Skills That Lead to Success”

How to Listen and Take Notes

My method of paying attention in the past has been to take notes on anything being said.  I’d have pages of notes, but often I couldn’t make sense of them, or I wouldn’t be able to tell what was important.  And, finally, I wouldn’t know exactly what I wanted to do with the notes. Lynda.com … Continue reading “How to Listen and Take Notes”