A to Z World Food, Thanks for Helping Me Ditch the Bird

Tired of Turkey?  Simply because the pilgrims (who were close to starvation and would have eaten anything at that point) ate it, doesn’t mean that we have to suffer through another year of it. We are still relative new-comers to the world stage. We have only been a country a little more than 200 years. We are not steeped in tradition. As New Yorkers especially, we should be proud of our melting pot, proud to try new things, proud to embrace cultures that are not our own.

In celebration of America, in a show of my patriotism, I am not suffering through another dry bird. This year, I, a person of Northern European decent, am honoring my country by honoring my fellow Americans who have made my life more interesting and more fun than any over-sized chicken ever could. I am making a Mediterranean main course this year: Lamb. And, to compliment it, I will be attempting Baklava. Further more, I making New England Clam chowder, because the fun is in the mix of flavors, and it goes well with lamb. Nothing’s going to stop me. You go ahead and bring the potatoes.

Oh, and by the way, they have some really great potato recipes at A to Z World Food, a database that lets you explore other cultures without going through security.  That’s where I’m heading for my alternative Thanksgiving feast.

To find it, go to northcastlelibrary.org, pull down on the right hand side of the page, General information, and click on A to Z World Food.


Author: Michelle Harvey

Michelle spent many years as special librarian- serving the business community. She is the mother of three, all of whom have very different learning styles, and has been homeschooling since 2010. During that time, she has overseen the raising of chickens, keeping bees, and loving a Sheltland Sheepdog.

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