The Great American Read

Great American ReadDid anyone watch the two hour premiere last Tuesday?  I caught it on Wednesday night on another local PBS station and I’m sure it will be on again over the summer.  What did you think?  I thought it was interesting; I liked the trivia about the authors and the books and I thought it was fun that celebrities and authors defended their favorite books and begged for votes.  I thought Meredith Viera was not as engaging as I had hoped she would be but she didn’t really have a chance to interact with anyone and it is hard to stand in an empty room and be dynamic!  (Full disclosure: I may have nodded out once or twice so I might have missed some of the fun.)

Correct me if I’m wrong but it seems that they are now going to give us the summer to do some reading and the remainder of the series will air in the fall with the wrap-up and the announcement of America’s Best-Loved Book taking place in October.

In the interest of research I requested access to the Facebook site – I had to answer two questions, agree to their terms, and wait to be approved – and it is a jumping place!  Lots of reader initiated questions and discussion, favorite books, not necessarily on the list, being bandied about, and a schedule of their “Book Club” discussion dates among other things.  The Facebook site is certainly dynamic!  A lot of the discussion is about how the 100 books were chosen and why on earth isn’t this book or that book on the list, especially when a book like THIS is.  IMHO, it is time to move past that question and deal with the list as it stands and move forward.  Hopefully, if the current program is successful there will be lists enough for everyone in the coming years.  So, if you haven’t already done so, go to PBS and The Great American Read, pick a book and start reading!  They could be asking us to do worse things!


Beware of Scams!

Here’s an important article from the Armonk Daily Voice:

I usually post happy things, like royal weddings! However, I got this very robocall on Thursday night and spent a half hour on the phone with Apple Support. If anyone calls you claiming your iCloud account has been compromised, hang up on them! If you are in doubt, hang up and contact Apple support yourself. They will walk you through how to check your account and ensure that it’s okay. Always remember:

Do not EVER give your personal information to any cold caller. I know from experience that legitimate Apple techs will not ask for your passwords!

If you feel uncomfortable, it’s okay to hang up.

Neither the police, nor the IRS, nor Dell, nor Apple, will ask for your credit card info over the phone. None of them will demand money. If anyone does this to you, they are not legitimate.

We have flyers about scams available in the library. If you have answered a call like this and feel your information has been compromised, we can help!

Stay safe!





Provenance : Author talk tonight at 7 pm : Exploring Art’s Great Con Artists

Some books look at art as a luxury, others look at art from an historical perspective and still others look at art from the down and dirty criminal side. Laney Salisbery’s book PROVENANCE, looks art & the art world from all these different angles as she explores one of the greatest and most elaborate cons ever perpetrated in the art world by con artist John Drewe & forget John Myatt.

Tonight, May 16, I will interview journalist and author Laney Salisbury on her novel, PROVENANCE, and the brilliant but twisted mind of international con artist John Drewe. Join us for a galvanizing talk as we look at this intriguing criminal, and the passionate art experts around the globe who had the tenacity to challenge the art market & bring him down. Free & open to the public.

National Teacher Appreciation Week!

Yes, it’s this week! Time to read some great movies, watch some great books, and celebrate the teachers in our lives.

Read movies? Have a poll! Which of these terrific movies about teachers and teaching was not a book first?

deaad poets


We’ve got either books, films or both of all of these titles in the library system. Why not take one or more of them home to enjoy?

(If you’re wondering if your answer was right, check the comments!)