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Every year libraries seek to provide the forms our users need to complete their state (New York) and federal (U.S.) income tax forms.  More and more, forms are accessible online and requests to get print forms are also online.

Federal (U.S.) tax forms and publications
Here are two links which may help you obtain forms:
Forms and publications by U.S. Mail
Click on the image below to get to current forms and publications
You can order many of the tax forms, instructions and publications and these will be shipped to your home by U.S. Mail.
State (New York) tax forms and publications
Click on this image to get tax forms from NY state! (the forms will be current!)
NY Form
Please let us know if we can help you with additional information about forms and publications.

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Retired health sciences librarian who has many interests! And now, loving working with library users of all ages at my local public libraries!

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