Women in Science Fiction

Did you know a young woman founded the genre of SF? Yes, it’s true! Click on her picture below to find out who she is and the book she wrote.¬† ūüôā

Mary Shelley

To celebrate the new Star Wars movie and the late great Carrie Fisher, let’s take a brief look at women in science fiction. Here are just a few titles, both classic and modern, by or about women.

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Beyond Google: Info for a Healthier YOU in 2018

Our web page for Health Resources  has some new, updated information.  sick man in bedAlthough Google may be your first place to look for health information, this post highlights 5 high quality resources that are pre-filtered by experts so you can save time and get better health information.  Take a look at one, two, or all!  We welcome your feedback!

MedlinePlus is a resource designed by experts at the National Library of Medicine for consumers like you…really everyone!  It is written in simple language (and multiple languages) providing Health topics, a medical encyclopedia, drugs and supplement information, with links to external associations and support groups.  Results include: summaries, documents, images and videos.

Clinicaltrials.gov ¬†is a database of privately and publicly-funded clinical studies throughout the world.¬† It enables you to locate clinical trials looking for volunteers…although one should always talk to your health care provider first!¬† This¬†source enables you to search conditions and diseases, limit to county, state, and find overviews and results of studies.¬† Congress has mandated all clinical trial studies be registered; the World Health Organization (WHO) supports this, too!

Health Reference Center Academic  is a fantastic resource for all kinds of health information, linking to full articles as well as summaries of a broad range of information.  This is not a new resource but may be new to you!

Merck Manuals.¬†¬†This is every nurse or mother‚Äôs basic handbook for diagnosis and therapy.¬† You can choose to read the ‚Äúpatient‚ÄĚ or consumer version or the ‚Äúprofessional‚ÄĚ or provider one.¬† The¬†Merck manual of veterinary information¬†is also linked thanks to our WLS.¬† So, much information about animals!

NIH Health Information offers a huge array of research, clinical and public health information.  NIH offers health information highlights, wellness toolkits, and a Healthfinder option to locate a doctor or dentist or to provide information about these providers.

Any interest in an individual or group session, contact the Armonk reference desk at:  (914) 273 3887 or Armref@wlsmail.org.   health man holding apples


Winter Films: Christmas in Armonk/Connecticut…

It’s always interesting to look at classic films both in the context of the time & place that they were made & then to explore them outside of that context, against a contemporary backdrop where social customs and constraints may ( or may not) have radically changed.

One of the films that bears a second look is the 1945 holiday classic by director Peter Godfrey, Christmas in Connecticut. Exploring numerous issues of concern today, including traditional gender roles, post-war expectations, career advancement & glass ceilings in the work place, this film works simply as a fish out of water comedy with a romantic subplot, but, like last week’s film, White Christmas, it’s so much more.

At their cores, both films question how someone is defined by their work, and how they identify themselves after a tour of duty ( military, professional, etc) is over. Curious about further similarities? Come join us Sunday, December 17, at 1 pm for a look at this holiday classic starring Barbara Stanwyck, Sydney Greenstreet, & Dennis Morgan.

Christmas in Connecticut, screens for free at 1 pm in the North Castle Public Library’s Events Room with light holiday refreshments served. This romantic comedy is suitable for all ages.