July celebrations!

Of course, we celebrate freedom in July! But it’s not just us Americans who celebrate. Canada day is July 2, and Bastille day is July 14. And that’s not all. In July, we also celebrate:

Actually, the only thing we don’t celebrate is wedding month. So it seems as if the perfect way to celebrate July would be to have a picnic with hotdogs and blueberry ice cream.

It’s also National Anti-boredom month, and the library offers lots and lots of ways to keep life interesting. To start with, we can help you plan that picnic! Here are a couple of ideas.

ice cream

If you’d like to make your own blueberry ice cream, this lovely book might help. But maybe you have some other ideas for those berries.



Here’s another beautiful cookbook with lots of ideas!

But maybe picnics or cookery aren’t your “things”. No worries! The library has lots for you to do. You can find our calendar with all sorts of upcoming classes and events here. You can also find online courses, such as Mango Languages and Lynda.com. And we’ve got new and classic movies, audiobooks for your summer car trips, electronic books and audio, and much more! Have a great time celebrating and exploring in July.



Author: maryj59

A librarian and writer from New England.

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