Lion or A Long Way Home

If you haven’t seen the recent movie Lion or read the wonderful biography A Long Way Home by Saroo Brierly, on which the movie is based, you need to do one or the other, sooner rather than later.  I recently listened to the MP3 audiobook version of the book, read fabulously well by Vikas Adam (don’t ask me how he has both the Aussie and the Indian accent down having been born in Vancouver, Canada!).  I loved every minute of it.  I also watched the movie, albeit vicariously through someone else (without sound on the tiny media screen of an airline passenger sitting in the seat in front of me) and was, inexplicably to everyone seated around me, sobbing tears of joy by the end. Continue reading “Lion or A Long Way Home”


Out of This World!

Do you remember what anniversary it is? Of course you do, at least if you are a certain age. Some of us are old enough to remember being glued to our TVs more than 40 years ago, watching this.

Then on this same day 17 years later, we saw this.  So how better to celebrate the spirit of exploration than with some great books (and movies, of course!) about astronauts?


If you love optimistic, adventurous stories about survival, and you haven’t read this one, you’re in for a treat! We’ve got the movie, too.

Lost Moon

If you think astronauts couldn’t stay this cool under pressure, how about some real-life heroics? Lost Moon tells the story of Apollo 13 in the voice of astronaut Jim Lovell.

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July celebrations!

Of course, we celebrate freedom in July! But it’s not just us Americans who celebrate. Canada day is July 2, and Bastille day is July 14. And that’s not all. In July, we also celebrate:

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Local help for Parents of Special Needs

Parent to Parent of NYS, from the New York State Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) provides support (matching you with a parent who’s “been there”, information and referral (locate and pay for services, equipment, or transportation), and training, (which is too detailed to get into here).  Click here to learn more, or call the Hudson Valley center, in Valhalla at 914-493-2635.

Hudson Valley Special Education Parent Center from Westchester Institute for Human Development provides free consultation, training, and resources for parents with questions about their child’s special education, transition to adulthood, problem solving of disputes, legal help., referrals, and community-based support service providers. Call 914-493-7665.