God Save the Queen!

 Queen Elizabeth brithday

Yes, this lady turns 90 today! To celebrate, grab some British snacks like jammy dodgers or digestives and enjoy some great British drama. Here are a few ideas:

the queen

This wonderful biodrama starring Helen Mirren examines Queen Elizabeth at a difficult time in her life, as her family struggles with the loss of Princess Diana.

King's Speech

“The King’s Speech” turns to Queen Elizabeth’s childhood, when her father, King George VI, learned to lead and inspire his people.


Then there’s the future king. This book will soon be available in our library; it was just published this year. The subtitle is: “The Passions and Paradoxes of an Improbable Life”. Indeed!

Returning to British drama, who could forget this one?                         Downton

Or this one? Even if you’ve seen both of them already,Upstairs

you might enjoy watching again.

Let’s finish with another British Classic. Break out those jammy dodgers! After all, the Doctor is always saving London ( location of Buckingham Palace), and it seems Her Majesty might be a fan!

queen tardis


Author: maryj59

A librarian and writer from New England.

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