The Diary by Eileen Goudge

Review by Anne Beier

A Perfect Valentines Day Mystery Novel

Elizabeth Marshall  was a quintessential, mid-western, 1950’s, wife and mother. She married a wonderful man  who was madly in love with her, as well as an upstanding citizen of their community, deacon at their church, hard worker, and loving father. Their grown daughters, Sarah and Emily always thought their parents had a storybook marriage, until they discover their mother’s diary, while cleaning out the attic of their childhood home, before it goes on the market.

Who is A.J.?  He was a dynamic, magnetic man with and engaging and endearing sense of humor. Their mother’s unrequited love for him is a shock.  Inspired by a true story, the sisters discover, so much about this incredible man,  who was a major love interest in their mother’s life. Or was he?

Both of their parents were only children, and with no one to ask, they are compelled to find out the truth, which adds to the mysterious yet satisfying conclusion. This is page-turner, with many twists and turns. The reader will uncover a charming and surprising story, as they take an uphill journey with Sarah and Emily.


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