Snuggle up with some series!

And the books they came from. A lot of hit series are actually based on books, and we’ve got both the DVDs and the books in the library!

  • If you love this,  dowton-abbey

Try these:

below-stairs or highclere

You’ll find out just how many of the more dramatic tales in the beloved series were actually true! You’ll also learn exactly what it was like to serve in a great house in that time period.

  • If you love this,   durrells

Try these:

:family    and birds-beasts

Mrs. Durrell, a widow with four strong-willed children, travels to Corfu in the 1930s, intending to make a home there for her family. Their adventures are narrated by Gerry, the youngest, a bright and observant boy who’s crazy about all animals, even snakes, scorpions and spiders. For him, Corfu is a paradise. For his older brothers and sister, it’s a place that offers inspiration (Larry’s an aspiring novelist), love (Margot and Leslie are teenagers), and lots of things to shoot! (Leslie’s mad about guns.)

  • If you love this, father-brown

Try these:

innocence   or maybe   thursday

In the Father Brown stories, G.K. Chesterton introduces us to one of the most unique detectives in literature. The new TV show does a great job in capturing the good priest’s warmth and wisdom, as you’ll find if you try the stories. The Man Who Was Thursday is a very different kettle of fish! It’s a metaphysical thriller starring a young poet who tries to infiltrate a group of anarchists in order to stop an assassination.

  • If you love this,        midwife

Try this:


Here’s the memoir that inspired the hit show. In the years following World War II, Jenny Lee trains as a nurse and serves as a midwife in Nonnatus house, in London’s impoverished and multicultural East End.

  • And one more! If you love this

, inspector-lewis

you might want to give this author a try

. morseIn the Inspector Morse stories, you’ll find out how Morse and Lewis worked together to solve crimes in and around the beautiful city of Oxford. Inspector Lewis is the continuation of the Morse series, and Endeavour, about young Morse, is the prequel. We’ve got that series, too!

Have fun watching and reading! You can browse for more series (and the books they came from) here!

Mary Johnson


Author: maryj59

A librarian and writer from New England.

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