Scary Stories to Watch in the Dark!

Did you have a look at our list of scary stories to read? Here they are again, just in time for Halloween!


Of course, we’ve got  great books in the library. We’ve got some great movies, too! Here are some classic chillers to watch on Halloween weekend.


  • frankenstein  Yes, it’s the classic Frankenstein starring Boris Karloff!  A quick question for you: what’s the name of the character Karloff plays?

a. Frankenstein, of course!

b. Igor.

c. Frankenstein’s monster; he doesn’t have a name.

d. Something else.

You can take the movie home to double-check your answer!

  • the-shining  In this classic film, Jack Nicholson plays a blocked writer who takes a job as a caretaker in the Overlook hotel, high in the Rockies. It is beautiful, but isolated, becoming more so as winter closes in. Jack’s son, Danny, can sometimes sense what people are thinking and feeling. As the winter deepens, the little boy starts having visions of  bloodshed, while his father’s behavior grows more and more erratic. This Stanley Kubrick film is famed for its cinematography and music, as well as the performances by all three actors.
  • psycho_primary Psycho is also set in a hotel with a very disturbed caretaker. The shower scene, shown here, remains one of the scariest scenes in American cinema.
  • the-birdsHere’s another classic thriller by Alfred Hitchcock. The lesson of these two movies might be: don’t visit any isolated towns in California! The Birds shows what happens when nature rises up against human beings. Who will survive?
  • dracula-lugosi And finally, another classic film about more eerie flying creatures! Here’s Bela Lugosi as Dracula. Count Dracula, of course, lives in Transylvania. Here’s another pop quiz: what does Transylvania mean?

a. In the cave

b. Through the woods

c. Under the water

d. With the bats

Let me know if you got both answers right! Everyone who contacts me with the right answers in the week following Halloween will get a small prize. Seriously! You don’t even have to love horror movies to win.

Happy Halloween!



Author: maryj59

A librarian and writer from New England.

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