Scary Stories to Watch in the Dark!

Did you have a look at our list of scary stories to read? Here they are again, just in time for Halloween!


Of course, we’ve got  great books in the library. We’ve got some great movies, too! Here are some classic chillers to watch on Halloween weekend.


  • frankenstein  Yes, it’s the classic Frankenstein starring Boris Karloff!  A quick question for you: what’s the name of the character Karloff plays?

a. Frankenstein, of course!

b. Igor.

c. Frankenstein’s monster; he doesn’t have a name.

d. Something else.

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Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand by Helen Simonson

Book Review

.Major Pettigrew, a kind and proper Englishman, lives in a small, country village. He frequents a shop, similar to a general store, in town that is run by a Pakistani Woman and her family.

The Major’s brother passes away. Their relationship was laced with veiled competitiveness, and rather prickly. This event is the catalyst, along with a curious inheritance, that changes his current life in ways he never expected, including the people around him.

Readers will enjoy the superb writing, and the surprises Major Pettigrew encounters as he wrestles with, and makes a go of many challenges.

So, what the heck is NaNoWriMo, anyway?

Next month is National Novel Writing Month. That’s right-many thousands of people all over the world will be striving to write a novel-length manuscript in just one month. If you’re one of them, we’re here to help!

Did you know your friendly neighborhood library is now a place for writers to meet up and work on their novels? It’s true! We’re now an official location for nanowrimo

And our creative writing club, Just Write, will be meeting twice in November. We’ll be supporting all you aspiring novelists out there with an hour an a half of writing time as part of a welcoming, encouraging group. Our first meeting is on Monday, November 14 at 6:30 p.m.

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How to Listen and Take Notes

study-skillsMy method of paying attention in the past has been to take notes on anything being said.  I’d have pages of notes, but often I couldn’t make sense of them, or I wouldn’t be able to tell what was important.  And, finally, I wouldn’t know exactly what I wanted to do with the notes. to the rescue!  Read on to learn what I learned after sharpening my study skills at

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Indie Author Day!

This coming Saturday, we’ll be celebrating authors of all ages and at all stages of the writing journey, and that includes your friendly neighborhood librarian.

I’ll be leading a creative writing craft at 11:00, and we also have coffee with authors Jacob M. Appel and Cheryl D. Clay at noon, a Powerpoint presentation at 1:00, and a nationwide webinar about indie publishing and the Self-E program at 2:00. If any of you are planning to participate in nanowrimo, this is a great way to start! If you’ve got any questions. please feel free to call me at the library.

Mary J

Fast, Furious, Fine-Tuned: Google Searching

Searching Google should feel like a joy ride, not a traffic jam.  Rev up that (search) engine and improve your performance with these tools.

  1. OR (all caps) Gets You More (broadens your search with more results)
  2. Use synonyms to get more websites with the same idea, group like terms with parenthesis.
  3. * Stands for, or truncates, any letter, group of letters, or even an entire word
  4. Find sites like the one you just found
  5. AND (all caps) Gets Your Less (narrows your search to fewer results)
  6. Use Quotation Marks for exact phrases
  7. Search a particular site
  8. Avoid a particular site
  9. Search for a particular file type
  10. Search within a range, be it price range, weight range, date range, etc

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