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Today (Friday, August 19, 2016), I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Hahn. He told me he and his wife, Edith Hahn, published the North Castle News for twenty years. “Edith did 90 percent of the work,” he explained. After leaving Armonk, the Hahns toured the U.S. several times, traveling to and from the California desert. Now that he was back in Armonk, Mr. Hahn wanted to look at our bound volumes of the paper.

Mr. Hahn didn’t know we’ve begun archiving the newspaper online, so, after I got him a couple of the bound volumes, I showed him how to access the archive. We saw the very first page of the first published volume. If you want to see it, too, or read any of our digitized copies of The Sun, The Villager, or The North Castle News, here’s how you can do it.
Make sure you’re online, open a browser, and go here :


Our virtual library is at the top right of the page. Click on “general information” and “historical resources”. Or you can just click on this image!


That will take you right to the newspaper archive. Once you enter it, you can search by date, keyword, or subject. Try to see if you can find the first issue of the North Castle News! We’d love to know if you discover any other cool stories about North Castle. (For example, one patron used the archive to get information about the famous singer Laura Branigan. If you find any other unique stories, let us know in the comments!)
Mary Johnson


Author: maryj59

A librarian and writer from New England.

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