Museums are starting to open!

Edited on March 12, 2021: More museums are open now!

Yes, it’s true. Admission is limited for safety’s sake, but several local museums are open now. Here’s how to book your ticket:

  1. Call the library and ask for the reference desk—that’s 914-273-3887, x 3. Ask us if the pass you want is available for the day you would like to go. We will sign you up in our checkout book.
  2. Be sure to also contact the museum and reserve in advance. Most museums require advance reservations.
  3. Either the day of or the day before your visit, please call the library and arrange a time to pick up your pass. We will check it out to you.
  4. Bring the pass to the museum at the time of your reservation and enjoy your visit!
  5. After your visit, please call us to arrange a drop-off time. Remember, museum passes must be picked up and dropped off in person. You can borrow them for a maximum of three days.
  6. Be sure, though, to check the list below. That’s the general procedure, but each museum is a little different.
  7. Note: Don’t worry if you need to “pay” for a timed reservation. There are almost always ways for members to reserve without paying. If you need help, please call the library!

Here’s a short list of museums that are now open, with info about their hours and how to book.

If you click on the pictures of the museums, you’ll get information about exactly how to plan your visit. The pictures are above the descriptions.

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Don’t miss tonight’s film SORRY, WE MISSED YOU

Join me, ProfValFranco for a look at Ken Loach’s wonderful film – Sorry We Missed You.

This 2019 tender family drama follows an English working class family as they struggle to fight against a quagmire of debt since the 2008 financial crash. Will the opportunity to be self-employed as a delivery driver give them the leg up they need, or will it split the family apart? Internationally acclaimed director Ken Loach pulls us into this compelling and riveting family story. 

Please load 
Kanopy through the Library website, as we watch the film independently and then 
meet up on Zoom for the intro to the film, and then again for the post-viewing film lecture and discussion. 
Go to Zoom.us website. 
Enter zoom meeting ID zoom id 
690 885 641Then enter Zoom password 
password 022366

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So it The Tomorrow Man- Tonight at 7 pm … but who’s on first?

Tonight. THE TOMORROW MAN. And no, my next statement won’t be “Whose on first.”

THE TOMORROW MAN is not a lead into an Abbott & Costello comedy routine, but is tonight’s film presentation & discussion.

Join me virtually at the Library tonight via zoom for an intro to this touching, sometimes funny, often thought-provoking romantic drama from 2019. It stars John Lithgow as Ed, a man preparing for a disaster that may never come, and Blythe Danner as Ronnie, a woman who sport-shops for things she may never use. Issues of the future, past and present come to surface as Ed & Ronnie get to know each other.

Please load Kanopy through the Library website, as we watch the film independently and then
meet up on Zoom for the intro to the film, and then again for the post-viewing film lecture and discussion.

Go to Zoom.us website.
Enter zoom meeting ID zoom id 690 885 641Then enter Zoom password
password 022366