Friday night films with ProfValFranco this Friday at 7 pm –

The Queen of Spain – Starring Penelope Cruz, and with Cary Elwes & Mandy Patinkin, this epic dramedy is directed by Oscar winner Fernando Trueba. Join Prof. Val Franco as we view and discuss the story of a Spanish film actress who flees Nazi Germany and becomes a major Hollywood star only to return to Spain years later to play Queen Isabella of Castile during the Spanish dictator’s reign. In Spanish & English with English subtitles.

Please load Kanopy through the Library website, as we watch the film independently and then 

meet up on Zoom for the intro to the film, and then again for the post-viewing film lecture and discussion. 

Go to website. 

Enter zoom meeting ID 690 885 641

Then enter Zoom password

Summer is coming!

And that means sun, sand, books, and prizes–for adults this year as well as kids! Any adult with a North Castle Library card can join our summer reading game. Just fill in a bingo square to earn raffle tickets. We’re raffling off two baskets and a $50 certificate to la Mer Seafood! Bingo squares will be available in mid-June, and you can turn them in any time before August 12. Enjoy!

Look into my eyes free art history lecture tonight at 7 PM or

Look Into My Eyes: Mesmerizing Self Portraits – Artists love to paint the world and the people around them, but they also love to paint themselves. Join ProfValFranco for the first in a series of lectures on artists’ self portraits. We’ll dive into the works of several incredible artists while also learning about their life and times.

The Broken Column, Frida Kahlo, 1944 courtesy Museo Dolores Almeida

Go to the website

2: Click on “join a meeting”

3: enter meeting  ID: 878 0879 9248

4: Enter Passcode: 683628