Museums are starting to open!

Edited on September 16, 2021: More museums are open now!

All New York City museums require masks and proof of vaccination!

Please check each individual museum for their requirements.

To get a museum pass from us, you must be adult and have a library card from the North Castle Public Library. Each adult is entitled to 14 free museum passes a year. If you’re a member of another library, please get your museum passes from your home library.

Yes, it’s true. Admission is limited for safety’s sake, but several local museums are open now. Here’s how to book your ticket:

  1. Call the library and ask for the reference desk—that’s 914-273-3887, x 3. Ask us if the pass you want is available for the day you would like to go. We will sign you up in our checkout book.
  2. Be sure to also contact the museum and reserve in advance. Most museums require advance reservations.
  3. Either the day of or the day before your visit, please call the library and arrange a time to pick up your pass. We will check it out to you.
  4. Bring the pass to the museum at the time of your reservation and enjoy your visit!
  5. After your visit, please call us to arrange a drop-off time. Remember, museum passes must be picked up and dropped off in person. You can borrow them for a maximum of three days.
  6. Be sure, though, to check the list below. That’s the general procedure, but each museum is a little different.
  7. Note: Don’t worry if you need to “pay” for a timed reservation. There are almost always ways for members to reserve without paying. If you need help, please call the library!

Here’s a short list of museums that are now open, with info about their hours and how to book.

If you click on the pictures of the museums, you’ll get information about exactly how to plan your visit. The pictures are above the descriptions.

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The Original Baller was Balla! tonight at 7 pm

Wednesday October 27, 2021 7:00 PM – 8:00 PMD

Join ProfValFranco tonight for a look at Futurist provocateur, Giacomo Balla. Balla pushed boundaries way before Let’s take a look at the often witty and light-hearted work of Italian futurist, and a ProfValFranco favorite, artist Giacomo Balla. From early studies in music to a total immersion in painting and the exploration of movement on canvas, Balla was a lead artist in the Futurist style.

A respected teacher of Divisionism to other artists, he was also a magnetic force in Rome’s art world, teaching, painting, sculpting, and creating fashion. Like the Impressionists before him, he was interested in painting light & its effects but he also moved forward, capturing movement and time in his work in a unique manner.

He was the original balla – excellent at what he did, famous, successful!

1: Go to the Zoom.us website
2: Click on “join a meeting”
3: enter meeting ID: 878 0879 9248
4: Enter Passcode: 683628

We’re Nerli there! My laptop is back from repair!!!! So excited to see everyone virtually Wednesday!

Wednesday October 20, 2021 6:30PM – 8:00 PM – we’re Nerli There!!!

6:30 pm – Bugatti dynasty -part 2!!!

Followed at 7 pm by Good Things Come in Threes: Nerli, Muzziolli & Ciseri- These three painters, connected to each other as student and mentors, all had varying styles and subject matter at their command. Muzzioli was known for his historical paintings, and like Ciseri, who favored religious themes, he was a mentor to Italian Impressionist Gerolami Nerli. Join ProfValFranco as we explore and compare the works of these three very different, extremely engaging artists.

1: Go to the Zoom.us website
2: Click on “join a meeting”
3: enter meeting ID: 878 0879 9248
4: Enter Passcode: 683628

Tonight’s Italian Film – LIKE CRAZY

Join ProfValFranco for tonight’s roadtrip film from Italian master Paolo Virzi. His 2016 take on Thelma & Louise has a bit of a twist – both women are under psychiatric care and can’t wait to leave so they can continue their lives and fulfill their destinies with love, joy and happiness.

At times funny, serious, insightful, this film stars the incomparable Valeria Bruni Tedeschi. In Italian with English subtitles.

Please load Kanopy through the Library website, as we watch the film independently and then meet up on Zoom for the intro to the film, and then again for the post-viewing film lecture and discussion.
Go to Zoom.us website.
Enter zoom id 690 885 641

Then enter Zoom password 022366